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GreenPan Chef's collection

Our PFAS-free story


The original ceramic non-stick coating

When our founders, two childhood friends from Belgium, learned how toxic conventional non-stick pans are, they saw an opportunity to change things for the better. Back in 2007, GreenPan developed its first pans with a PFAS-free ceramic non-stick coating. This coating, Thermolon™, is made from a derivative of sand, as well as natural materials such as diamond. 

It is important for us to be able to guarantee that our products are of excellent quality & completely PFAS-free. That is why we produce our award-winning Thermolon™ non-stick coating ourselves. This way, we always know exactly what’s in our pans!


What are PFAS?

PFAS (poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances) are man-made chemicals used to make everyday objects water, grease & dirt repellent. E.g. certain types of raincoats, food packaging, cosmetics, firefighting foams & traditional non-stick coatings (such as PTFE).

PFAS are rock solid & break down very slowly. Some will only completely disappear after 1,000 years. Just about all PFAS ever made are still present on our planet today. That is why they have been nicknamed 'forever chemicals'.


Our factory, our rules

We’re in it for the long haul, so we’re committed to continuously improving our factory’s sustainability efforts. By increasing the use of solar panels & renewable energy, for example. Other companies come & go, creating cheap products, in cheap factories, with even cheaper materials. Many of these are damaging to the environment in new, unregulated ways. They do it that way because it’s, well, cheaper.

At GreenPan, we own our factory. We know the DNA of our products. We make our coating, we make our pans & we make sure every product lives up to our standards. We don’t have to wait for the industry to change to do something about it - we are the change.


Better waste water management

You may have read about companies that let the environment take care of their waste.  They dump materials used to make non-stick products into rivers & streams. While our own factory process does not use PFAS to begin with, we have taken the extra step of building a water treatment plant on site.

In our factory in China the wastewater generated onsite is managed by our dedicated engineering team who monitor the quality of the wastewater continuously. We reuse treated water onsite & any remaining treated water is disposed of offsite in accordance with the wastewater regulations. By treating water from our production & reusing water we created a sustainable cycle.   


Solar panels for new energy

Solar energy is a clean & renewable energy source, meaning it does not cause harmful greenhouse gas emissions & helps reduce carbon footprint. In our factory in China on average 5.7 million Kwh photovoltaic power is generated by our rooftop solar panels every year.

Since 2023, our factory also purchases renewable energy from a local certified source, which provides an estimated 40% of the overall energy consumption.   


Innovative design

We continue to innovate. We don't have to ask anyone else what exactly is in our pans. We have more than 150 patents for technological innovations that make cooking easier & better for everyone. Our technology makes our pans better. We have a dedicated in-house testing laboratory that compares our innovations with other products on the market.

When we say we are better, it's because we really are. Some of our latest innovations are showcased in the Chef’s Collection: we know you’ll love our easy pouring system & our latest generation PFAS-free non-stick coating! 

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