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GreenPan Chef's collection

Sustainability & Chef's Collection




The cookware you use affects every meal you make. Some companies make a big deal of the few toxins they don’t use. When we say other companies use PFAS, we’re talking about a whole family of chemicals. Those four letters represent an entire chemical category, so when one chemical is banned, some companies will use another instead.

We believe there’s a better way to cook, and our PFAS-free ceramic non-stick proves it. It heats fast & it won’t release toxic fumes if it’s overheated. That’s why we say healthy cooking starts with GreenPan.



The body of each Chef's Collection's aluminium frying pan is made with 100% recycled aluminium (*).

The Chef’s Collection’s casseroles are made of stainless steel, a material that can be infinitely recycled. Future-proof cookware you can use for years to come.

(*) Verification of Recycled Content: ISO 14021 Environmental Labels and Declarations.



Using packaging made from FSC MIX material (minimum 60%) shows our commitment to more environmentally friendly packaging. Using FSC MIX also makes all packaging materials recyclable after usage. We aim to include even more recycled & sustainable materials in our processes & are currently working on a sustainable packaging guideline for our suppliers to emphasize the importance of this.

What is FSC?
FSC certification ensures the forests are managed in a way that takes into account ecological health, biodiversity, and the rights & well-being of workers & local communities. The certification process involves independent third-party assessments of forest management practices, supply chains & manufacturing processes to verify compliance with FSC's principles & criteria.


Compensation of our CO2 emission

For the Chef's Collection, we teamed up with ClimatePartner. They calculate the CO2 emissions on a product basis for this collection, reduced by our sustainable improvements such as the use of recycled materials. Finally, the remaining CO2e emissions (a total of 24,364 tons) are offset by supporting a certified climate project.

The project we chose is the replacement of conventional & less efficient cookstoves with improved cookstoves in Africa, Asia & Latin America. Thanks to this Gold Standard verified project, deforestation & fuel consumption are reduced, while improving the health of the population. This project aligns with GreenPan’s mission to make kitchens all over the world healthier. 

More info on this project